How does this work?

Fill out our quick online application or over the telephone with one of our experienced Account Executive’s and submit supporting documentation. Your Account Executive will review your application and ROI with you to find the solution that works best for your business, based on your specific situation. Within 24 hours BGC Capital will have an offer for your review. Upon acceptance of our loan offer, your commercial bank account will be funded as fast as another 2 business days via wire transfer.

What are basic requirements to Qualify?

  • 1 plus year in business
  • At least $100,000 in annual revenue
  • US – Based business

What factors affect loan application approvals?

The age of the business, its revenue history, assets, and business credit history, among other factors, all contribute to building a comprehensive profile of the applicant.

What are the finance costs associated with my loan and how are they determined?

Each applicants business cash flow and financial strengths are considered to determine a risk adjusted repayment plan specific to that applicant with terms that are most affordable and healthy for your business. Payments are determined by factors such as the amount and consistency of the businesses cash flow, the number of years in business and the purpose of funds.

How much of a loan can I expect to be approved for?

To be conservative, you can expect to be approved for 10-15% of your businesses gross annual sales revenue. In other collateralized cases loan amounts can exceed 15% of gross annual revenue.

How does repayment work?

BGC Capital deducts a small, predetermined, fixed, daily payment directly from your business bank account each business day (5 days a week, excluding weekends and holidays). Since your business typically generates income on a daily basis, this method of repayment is proven to be more manageable than a monthly payment schedule.